Grilled Peaches

Fresh and pretty…peach season will never be the same when you start grilling these delicious fruits. They don’t need anything more than this simple combination of honey, lemon and herbs. If you’ve got some edible flowers around toss them on top! No matter who you’re serving these to, happiness will be abound..and I do hope you won’t save this easy treat for a special occasion. Go ahead and treat yourself today! When we are kind to ourselves, in thought and action, that tends to ripple out in how we treat others!

wildflowers and fresh food peach


2 ripe peaches

1 T. olive oil

1 tsp. honey

1 T. lemon juice and the zest

¼ c. fresh mint

Heat a grill or saute pan over medium heat.

Cut the peaches in half and drizzle olive oil on the cut side. Place cut side down onto the grill surface and cook for about 1-2 minutes or until a pretty grill mark appears. This won’t take long!

Stir together in a small bowl, the honey, lemon juice and zest and mint and pour over the peaches.


Vanilla Ice cream or yogurt


Berries/ Edible flowers

Basil or Rosemary instead of the mint