Steel Cut Oatmeal with Lavender

Oh me, oh my…first go to your favorite health food store and help yourself to a big scoop of dried lavender. The sound of the scoop, the floral aroma and the soft purple color of the dried lavender will start the senses going and you’ll want to bring it home and start using it in all kinds of new ways. I first bought the lavender to sprinkle on my morning oatmeal, I soon found lot’s of other sprinkling it on that afternoon yogurt or an evening scoop of ice cream with some honey.

So do something extra special for yourself today that costs penny’s, takes seconds and provides such lovely dividends. And be sure to brew some Lavender tea while your at it too!

wildflowers and fresh food oatmeal.jpg


1 cup prepared steel cut oatmeal (simply follow package directions)

1/4 t. dried lavender

2 T. walnuts

Sprinkle the prepared oatmeal with the walnuts and lavender. Take a moment to inhale the lovely aroma of the lavender before you take a bite :)

Other suggestions:

Limitless really…. honey, craisins or dried cherries, dried apricots, fresh apples or pears