Sparkling Water with Citrus and Berries

Simple, refreshing and pretty.. treat your guests or just do something nice for yourself with this sparkling drink created with your favorite herbs, berries, and citrus. I make this just about every night when I’m preparing dinner, it gives a specialness to wrapping up the day, a moment to reflect on nice things that happened. Amazing things happen every day, often times the smallest things can be the most special. Remember to make a list of “Cool things that are happening”..aka gratitude list of sorts, it’s a simple way to realize just how good your life really is!



8 oz sparkling water

1 sprig fresh basil or mint

2 fresh raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and/or 1 T. pomegranate seeds

1 wedge lemon, lime or orange

I’m always thirsty and this drink is extra refreshing! Simply add your favorite herbs, berries and citrus to a glass of sparkling water. Enjoy!Simple