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Hi There! I’m Kristin. Welcome to Wildflowers and Fresh Food where you’ll find a simple and colorful approach to cooking (and life!). This is a place for creative expression in the kitchen. I’ll show you what I make at home and in my cooking classes. Travel with me as I visit people of all ages, encouraging them along on their cooking journeys. Join me and tell me your story too because that’s the best part!


RN, BSN since 1989-Georgetown University

Proud Mom since 1996 (3 kiddos)

Cooking Instructor since 2004

Caterer 2004-2010

Fund Raising for the Arts community since 2004

Volunteer of the Year Fairhope Film Festival 2018

Member of Blue Sky Collective Holistic Health Practitioners since 2018

Meditator and Yoga student since 2010

Born May 1967: Gemini with Scorpio moon and rising sun in Libra - for those interested :)

About the name:

Wildflowers is borrowed from the Tom Petty song that encourages us to go out into the world…be free and return home to a place free of trouble and worry. I hope my home feels like this to all who come through! And fresh food is, of course, the high vibe focus of our meals, the nourishment to our hearts and souls.

You belong among the wildflowers

You belong somewhere close to me

Far away from your troubles and worry

You belong somewhere you feel free